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Meet Debbie McKenzie

I am originally from Cincinnati, OH and I was the 1st employee of Carolina Insurance Group way back  in 2004.  Throughout the years as we have grown, my roles have changes multiple times.  I now head up our commercial lines customer service support. If you call our office to make a change to your commercial insurance or to request a certificate of insurance, you will most likely speak to me.  I love interacting with all of our clients and I have come to know many of you very well.  I am an animal lover and enjoy spending time on Lake Murray.  I am married and have 2 sons.  I look forward to speaking to you soon.

Smiling Businesswoman

JJS Commercial Cleaning LLC

I literally work 7 days a week with my janitorial business a lot of times I am unable to keep up with some of the things that is going on with my insurance and Joel and Mrs. Debbie has always email me or text me or call personally to make sure I stay up abreast of the situation I really appreciate that, that helps me out a lot

Columbia Siding & Windows Inc.

You know what you do. Debbie's great on certificates. She's great on answering the phone promptly. She's great on getting me answers to questions I have. (...)

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