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Lake Insurance

For those who live and play on South Carolina's lakes.

Boat on Lake

It's a different life, here on the Lake. 

City problems aren't our problems.

Our play is different. 

The toys we play with, are different. 

Our late Sunday afternoons,

winding down with friends, are different....

Our insurance needs are different, too.

Family Fishing

At Carolina Insurance Group, we understand. We're your neighbors on and around the Lake. We know the unique risks of your life, and how to protect you from them. Watercraft, from cruisers to jet skis. Docks. Parties with swimmers. Flood insurance. Vacation rentals. Lots of guests. And so much more. 

Whether you're on Lake Murray, Greenwood, Santee, Jocassee, Hartwell, Wateree, or any of the other wonderful lakes in South Carolina, let us ease your mind, that you have the right insurance for your lifestyle, so you can relax, sit back, and toast the sunset.

Your car must be able to put

your water toys into...

Wet Car

Owning a boat can increase

liability risks...

Flood Insurance

Yes, you can be sued even if you didn’t do anything wrong...

As a contractor, each job you win brings in extra money but...

Vintage Ring

City folks think farming is just a simple life. But farming today...


There has always been a great deal of confusion about the need for liquor liability...


Just as the holiday shopping season was about to begin...

Family Fishing Trip

When it rains, it pours, especially when it comes to unexpected accidents or claims…

Beach Umbrella
A Yacht at Sea
Wake Surfing -3.jpg

Protecting YOU

It's not just about protecting your stuff --- though that's where we start. 

It's about protecting your lifestyle, the world you've built, from the sort of risks that could cost you not just something but everything.   


As you share your life with friends and friends of friends, swimming or cruising the lake or relaxing on the dock, are you protected in case whatever could happen happens?   Is flood insurance really required, or just a good idea, or maybe not?  Does it make a difference if you rent out your property, or part of your property, for a few weeks or an entire year?   If heaven forbid,  you ever have to rebuild your home, can you?


Find Your Agent

You deserve an insurance agent who understands, and can guide you through the unique insurance needs of lake living.

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