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Location: Lexington, SC 

Hometown: Niceville, Florida

Family Life: I have been married for 28 years and we have 3 children ages 19,22,25

Hobbies: Snow skiing, golf, and all water sports

How long in the insurance: 35 years

Specialize: Business Insurance with a focus on construction and hospitality

What Makes Joel Different

Business Insurance is so complex that you need someone to break down the insurance maze and help you navigate through the different insurance products available to you.


You could purchase insurance over the internet or via a 1-800 number but would you even know what you
are purchasing? I’m going to take the time to learn about you and your business so I can help you
decide what insurance coverage is best of you.

Smiling Businesswoman

Alliance Management Group LLC DBA St James Gate

The personal attention of Joel makes sure we are always covered. Thanks Joel!

JJS Commercial Cleaning LLC

I literally work 7 days a week with my janitorial business a lot of times I am unable to keep up with some of the things that is going on with my insurance and Joel and Mrs. Debbie has always email me or text me or call personally to make sure I stay up abreast of the situation I really appreciate that, that helps me out a lot

Message from Joel Sauls
President of Carolina Insurance Group

“Thank you for visiting our website and I’m glad you are here. For over 20 years, Carolina Insurance
Group has provided solutions to individuals and businesses across South Carolina, Georgia, and North
Carolina. As an Independent Agent, we always have options no matter what your individual circumstances
may be. Tired of calling a 1-800 number? With Carolina Insurance Group you will have a dedicated
agent that is ready to assist you and guide you through the insurance maze. Our agents are located
throughout the state of South Carolina so you can do business with people you know who live in your
area. We look forward to doing business with you"

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