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Meet Robby Sease

Location: Chapin, SC


Family Life & Background: Married for 37 years, Father of 2 sons and 3 grandchildren. Graduate of Newberry College BS in Business and 17 years’ experience in Automobile Sales as Finance manager and Sales Manager

Hobbies: College football, boating, exercise


How Long in Insurance: 20 years.

What Makes Robby Different

With 20+ years in insurance, I like to think I have a special skill set to give you the best service possible. I specialize in home, auto, and watercraft. You will deal with me directly, (not a customer service rep) either in person or on the phone. It could not be easier. When you do business with me “you have a Guy”. Call me on my personal cell phone 24/7.

Smiling Businesswoman

Sharon & Virgil L.

We have known Robby Sease for many years and we trust his judgement. He is always very helpful and he feels like an old friend not an insurance agent. He is always just a phone call away and never gives us the runaround.

Robbie Sease has helped us so much in choosing our insurance, I can call him anytime and he always willing to listen and answer any questions I have, also we are happy with the the price we pay fir our cars.

Mr. Robbie is not only professional but he truly cares about his client's well being. Robbie goes the extra mile and ask questions and compares the best solution for the client.

Ashley H.

Cheryl & Gary W.

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